Product portfolio

The wide range of ion beam and plasma processing equipment is flexible and modular in design, from small single wafer versions up to cassette load-lock solutions. Several vacuum process chambers can be combined into Cluster or Inline solutions, according to customer specific requirements.

Ion Beam Etching Systems

scia Mill 150

for etching of substrates
up to 150 mm

scia Mill 200

for etching of wafers
up to 200 mm

scia Trim 200

for focused trimming of wafers
up to 200 mm


Ion Beam Deposition Systems

scia Coat 200

for deposition on wafers
up to 200 mm

scia Coat 500

for deposition of optical substrates
up to 500 mm x 300 mm



scia Batch 350

for PECVD coating of

scia Cube 300/750

for large area PECVD and
RIE processing

Magnetron Sputtering Systems

scia Magna 200

for Magnetron Sputtering of
up to 200 mm

scia Multi 680

for Multilayer Deposition
on optical substrates

Dry Cleaning Systems

scia Clean 800

for high quality cleaning

scia Clean 1500

for cleaning of large 3D-substrates

Customized Systems

Tailor Made Solutions

for your needs, in different configurations