Precision in Optical Coating

The scia Opto 300 is used for uniform coating of precision optics. With up to 6 targets for flexible multilayer deposition, even a mixing of target materials is possible. Two loading positions allow continuous and fully automatic processing of the substrates. Optical in-situ monitoring with integrated test glass changer ensures highest precision and optimized uniformity of coating.

Features & Benefits

  • Variable substrate sizes up to 300 mm dia.
  • Automatic loading with two loading positions for continuous processing
  • Up to 6 target materials on a rotatable trum, each target up to 300 mm x 300 mm, with optimized geometry for mixed layers or smooth transition between layers
  • Excellent process uniformity by substrate rotation with up to 60 rpm
  • In-situ optical thickness monitor (OTM) and test glass changer
  • Optimized geometry for coating with low stress


  • Dielectric mirrors (e.g. rugate filters)
  • Optical coatings for high- and anti-reflective layers, bandpass and notch filters
  • High laser damage threshold coatings
  • Deposition of refractive index gradient layers
  • In-situ preprocessing of substrates (etching, cleaning, smoothing)
  • Metallic, seed and protective coatings


  • Primary source sputters material from a target to the facedown oriented substrate
  • Secondary source used for pre-cleaning the substrate and / or assist during deposition


Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) thereby material is sputtered from a target with an ion beam and is deposited on the substrate.

Dual Ion Beam Sputtering (DIBS) uses an additional assist ion beam source to influence the growing film.


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