Expertise in Thin Film Technology

scia Systems provides precise surface processing equipment based on advanced ion beam and plasma technologies. The systems are applicable for coating, etching, and cleaning processes, especially for the MEMS, microelectronics, and precision optics industries. The process equipment is flexible and modular in design, thus can be easily configured for research applications and for high-volume production. It suits silicon wafer-based substrate sizes, smaller samples on carriers, and optical substrates with up to 3 m diameter.





scia Mill 200 for Fraunhofer ENAS

Again, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft relies on one of scia Systems’ ion beam etching tools. scia Systems was awarded for a scia Mill 200 by Fraunhofer Institute of Electronic Nano Systems ENAS. The tool will be installed in Chemnitz and will be used for patterning of magnetic multilayers for GMR-stacks (giant-magneto-resistance) or TMR-stacks (tunnel-magneto-resistance) on standardized 200 mm silicon wafers.