Expertise in Thin Film Technology

scia Systems develops ion beam and plasma process systems for nanometer-precise processing of surfaces. The company offers standard systems and customized tools using a wide range of coating and etching processes. Furthermore scia Systems is a capable and reliable service provider with a variety of services from classic support to retrofit of existing equipment.


scia Coat 500 and scia Trim 200 for Tongji University, China

The Institute Precision Optical Engineering of the Tongji University in Shanghai, one of Chinas renowned universities, ordered a scia Coat 500 and a scia Trim 200, which will be delivered by end of 2020.

The scia Coat 500 will be used for manufacturing of periodic multilayers in nm range on X-ray mirrors for beamline optics, by dual ion beam sputtering (DIBS). Due to the high homogeneity requirements of those optics, a surface adjustment is needed previously to the deposition process. Therefore, a surface form error correction is done with the scia Trim 200 by local ion beam figuring (IBF) beforehand.