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New Application Note: Deposition of Nano Anti-Wear Coatings for Precision Micro Cutting Tools

The miniaturization of components is an unbroken trend in many industrial sectors, such as medical technology, automotive engineering, aerospace, tool and mold manufacturing as well as microelectronics. A major cost factor in the production of these components is the limited lifespan of the tools due to high wear. The utilization of dual ion beam sputtering for the deposition of nano wear resistant coatings has proven to be a pioneering solution for this. 

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Ion Beam Technology for Wafer Works

We are pleased to announce that Wafer Works and scia Systems formed a partnership to achieve further production efficiency and ensure consistently high product quality.

Being one of the world's top ten suppliers of semiconductor wafer materials, Wafer Works is specialized in polished silicon wafer amongst others. As part of this collaboration, the Taiwan-based company will receive an ion beam processing system from scia Systems.

Kyocera Tikitin adds Ion Beam Milling System for MEMS Device Etching to VTT Finland’s clean room

Smart devices and much smaller wearables - that's the mission Kyocera Tikitin is dedicated to. Along the way, they are developing and fabricating MEMS resonators made of silicon, deviating from the traditional use of quartz.

To expand their research capabilities, they added a scia Mill 200, an advanced ion beam milling system, at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, one of Europe’s leading research institutions.

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scia Systems supplies another scia Trim 200 to Wuhan

Wuhan Yanxi is a pioneer in the fields of design, R&D and production of RF components and other micro-electrical components. Back in 2019, we received an order from this leading Chinese high-tech company to supply an ion beam trimming system. In 2022, the cooperation has continued, as Wuhan Yanxi ordered another scia Trim 200.

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scia Systems contributes to the research of piezoelectric materials and devices

In the new "Christian Doppler Laboratory" at TU Wien, research is focused on the fundamental issues of piezoelectric materials and devices to enable future applications. We are proud to support the new laboratory with a scia Coat 200 as an industrial partner. This ion beam sputtering system will be used to produce extremely precise, smooth, and uniform coatings on substrates, including advanced materials such as aluminum nitride and scandium aluminum nitride.


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Raytron Research Institute expands its technology with a system for localized ion beam etching: the scia Trim 200

A new scia Trim 200 system was commissioned by recently founded Yantai Qixin Semiconductor Technology Institute Co., a company jointly invested by the Chinese high-tech company Raytron Technology Co. and Yantai local government. The Raytron Research Institute, where the scia Trim 200 will be located, will be built as an open platform, meaning local universities and enterprises can also use this infrastructure and the equipment. The system will be used for surface error corrections on substrates up to 200 mm.

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Our commitment 2023: scia Systems supports local nonprofits with a total of 5000 Euro

Supporting social and charitable projects is an important aspect of our corporate philosophy. As a globally active company, we know how important it is to maintain local ties and support the region where we work. That way we can help make Chemnitz and the surrounding area an attractive home for families, students and professionals. We are therefore proud to support small and large associations with a total of 5,000 euros.

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Our Engagement 2022

scia Multi 500: Our New System for Multilayer Coatings on Optical Substrates up to 500 x 300 mm

Our scia Multi 500 magnetron sputtering system is designed specifically for multilayer coating deposition on optics at (sub-) nanometer precision. The substrate is precisely positioned in a linear inline coating setup with load locks at both ends to achieve gradient layers and superior uniformity.

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Ion beam technology from scia Systems pushes the development of China's semiconductor industry

Founded in 2022, the Chinese company TJ Innovative Semiconductor Substrate Technology Co., Ltd. (ISST) has entered the market as a supplier of heterogeneous integration technologies for the semiconductor industry. For its new expansion plans and its new production lines ISST has now purchased a scia Trim 200. With this system, the surface of the substrate material can be processed ultra-precisely by ion beam trimming, so that layer thickness uniformities down to the atomic level of 0.1 nm can be achieved. ..

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scia Trim 200 for ISABERS

Runxin MEMS Technologies increases output yield of produced filters by ion beam trimming

In March 2022, Runxin MEMS Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in the Microelectronics Science Park as a new industrial base for MEMS production in the Nanchang High tech Zone. The company now expands its capacities by purchasing a scia Trim 200. With this ion beam trimming system especially the production of BAW and SAW filters will be more efficient. By layer thickness trimming, the yield of functional components can be increased up to 90%...

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