Application Notes

The equipment of scia Systems is mainly used in the production of microelectronics and MEMS devices as well as for processing of precision optical components, but there are also applications in the biomedical sector. In the following, selected applications are presented in detail.


Reverse Engineering

of IC chip devices

Frequency Trimming

of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters

Surface Trimming

of surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters

Thickness Trimming

of POI wafers for RF filters (SAW)

Film Thickness Correction

of thin film read/write heads (TFH)

Temperature Compensation

for surface acoustic wave wafers (TC-SAW)


Etching of Surface Relief Gratings

for Augmented & Mixed-Reality-Devices

Dielectric Coatings

on large substrates

High- and Anti-Reflective Coatings

with Ta2O5 and SiO2

Form Error Correction

for X-ray mirrors

Deposition of DLC

for glass compression molds


Deposition of GMR Sensors

for flexible magnetoelectronics

Etching of Magnetic Multilayers

for tunnel-magneto-resistance (TMR) sensors

Etching of Lithium Tantalate

for infrared (IR) sensors


Deposition of Nano Anti-Wear Coatings

for Precision Micro Cutting Tools


Overview of PVD Technologies

Comparison of ion beam sputtering, magnetron sputtering and evaporation.

Ion beam etching for optics structuring

Video presentation: How to structure your optics with reactive ion beam etching.

Ion beam trimming of POI wafers

Video presentation: Surface correction of piezoelectric materials

Ion beam figuring for telescope mirrors

Video presentation: surface error correction in high vacuum

Magnetron Sputtering of SiO2

Advantages of magnetron sputtering for silicon dioxide deposition.

Direct etching of slanted gratings

Video presentation: Etching of SRG used as in- and out-coupler in waveguides