About scia Systems

The company was founded 2013 in partnership with the VON ARDENNE GmbH from Dresden and is located in Chemnitz, Germany. As manufacturer of precise surface processing equipment, based on advanced ion beam and plasma technologies, scia Systems established itself in a very short time on the worldwide market. Our customers are companies and research institutes, mainly in the field of microelectronics, MEMS and precision optics manufacturing.

scia Systems stands for highly reliable equipment to meet expectations for today and the future. To ensure our high standards, we work closely with our customers to optimize tool performance and meet the future roadmap requirements. To ensure an optimum and individual customer support scia Systems built up a worldwide network of local sales and service partners.

Range of Services

System Design
New design or adaption of standard systems in design and/or process

In-house core components manufacturing and usage of high quality standard components

Software Development
Easy to use GUI and worldwide remote access support

Research & Development
Own department for process optimization and support

Service & Support
Training, maintenance, spare parts and retrofits

New Application Note: Deposition of Nano Anti-Wear Coatings for Precision Micro Cutting Tools

The miniaturization of components is an unbroken trend in many industrial sectors, such as medical technology, automotive engineering, aerospace, tool and mold manufacturing as well as microelectronics. A major cost factor in the production of these components is the limited lifespan of the tools due to high wear. The utilization of dual ion beam sputtering for the deposition of nano wear resistant coatings has proven to be a pioneering solution for this. 

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Memberships in research and industry associations generate synergistic effects by exchanging and increasing of know-how. Therefor scia Systems is member of the following associations:


European Society of Thin Films


Network of Competence of Industrial Plasma Surface Technology

SAWLab Saxony

The scientific network for acoustoelectronics!


International society for optics and photonics.


We are certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015.