High Quality Multilayer Deposition

The scia Coat 200 has an excellent uniformity for coatings on up to 200 mm substrates. By using ion beam sputter deposition instead of other deposition processes, smooth and defect-free films can be achieved. In-situ optical monitoring ensures excellent process stability. Additionally, the system enables handling of wafer as well as arbitrary shaped substrates.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent uniformity by substrate rotation and tilt
  • Up to 5 water-cooled target materials on a rotational holder for in-situ change
  • Recipe controlled multilayer deposition with quartz crystal oscillator and/or optical thickness monitor (OTM) and test glass changer
  • Direct wafer handling or adaptation to variable substrate sizes with carrier handling
  • Equipped with a 350 mm ion beam source as assist source, also usable for ion beam etching processes


  • Optical coatings for high- and anti-reflective layers, bandpass and notch filters
  • Multilayer films for magnetic sensors (GMR, TMR, spintronics)
  • High laser damage threshold coatings
  • Deposition of dielectric and metal layers
  • In-situ preprocessing of substrates (etching, cleaning, smoothing)

Application Note


  • Primary source sputters material from a target to the vertical or face-down oriented substrate
  • Secondary source used for pre-cleaning the substrate and/or assist during deposition


Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) thereby material is sputtered from a target with an ion beam and is deposited on the substrate.

Dual Ion Beam Sputtering (DIBS) uses an additional assist ion beam source to influence the growing film.

Ion Beam Etching (IBE) uses a collimated beam of inert gas ions for structuring or material removal.

Technical Data

Substrate size (up to)

200 mm dia.

Substrate holder

Water-cooled, helium backside cooling contact, substrate rotation 5 to 20 rpm, tiltable in-situ from 0° to 160° in 0.1° steps

Ion beam sources

Sputter source: 120 mm circular RF source (RF120-e)
Assist source: 120 mm circular RF source (RF120-e) or
350 mm circular RF source (RF350-e) or
218 mm circular microwave ECR source (MW218-e)


Filament driven (N-DC) or RF driven (N-RF) plasma bridge neutralizer

Target holder

Target drum with tiltable and water-cooled targets, up to 5 (each max. 220 mm dia.) or up to 4 (each max. 300 mm dia.)

Typical deposition rates

Ag: 35 nm/min, Al: 10 nm/min, Si: 15 nm/min, Ti: 8 nm/min, Al2O3: 15 nm/min, SiO2: 20 nm/min, Ta2O5: 15 nm/min, TiO2: 6 nm/min

Uniformity variation

≤ 0.5 % (σ/mean)

Base pressure

< 5 x 10-7 mbar

System dimension (W x D x H)

3.10 m x 1.70 m x 2.40 m, for single chamber with cassette handling (without electrical rack and pumps)


Single chamber with single substrate load lock or cassette handling, Cluster system with cassette handling

Software interfaces



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Other Ion Beam Sputtering Systems

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