Large Area Coating and Etching over 750 mm x 750 mm

The scia Cube 750 is designed for large area high density plasma processes. The system enables deposition with high rates and a wide range of deposition parameters. In addition, etching processes with oxygen or halogen chemistry for high anisotropic etching and/or optimized selectivity are possible.

Features & Benefits

  • Large area processing with an array of synchronized linear microwave sources
  • Independent RF bias at substrate holder for energetic substrate bombardment
  • Substrate face-down orientation for minimized particle load
  • Substrate cooling (-10 °C)
  • In-situ chamber cleaning process
  • Full automation with vacuum load lock and atmosphere stocker system available


  • PECVD Processes
    • Deposition of dielectric films, e.g. encapsulation, barrier coatings, electric insulation (SiO2, Si3N4, …)
    • Optical and scratch resistant coatings (a-C:H, DLC)
  • RIE Processes
    • Reactive etching and structuring of metals (Ni, Cr, Pt, …)
    • Etching of gratings and other structures in optical materials (quartz, fused silica)
    • Ashing of photoresist

Application Note


  • Plasma of reactive gases is created by microwave sources
  • Enhanced ion bombardment with RF bias


Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) is a plasma assisted reactive process to deposit thin films from a gas state (vapor) into a solid state on a substrate.

Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) uses reactive gases and ion bombardment for physically and chemically etching of the substrate surface.

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