3D-Coatings in Batches

The scia Batch 350 is designed for biocompatible coatings of 3‑dimensional shaped substrates. Thereby, the carrier concept enables different substrate sizes and shapes in one batch. With its stable, reproducible and certified process, the system meets the high quality standards for treatment of medical objects.

Features & Benefits

  • Coating of different substrate sizes and quantities in batches due to carrier loading
  • Two independent RF electrodes for high throughput
  • Homogeneous “all-around coating” by individual rotation of each substrate
  • Superior barrier performance and fully cohesive film, also during mechanical deformation
  • Combination of heating, plasma pre-treatment and PECVD coating
  • Flexible gas and RF conditions


  • 3-dimensional barrier coating of biocompatible films for medical implants (pacemakers, stents)


  • RF parallel plate arrangement with rotation of each substrate for a uniform coating of all sides


Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)  is a plasma assisted reactive process to deposit thin films from a gas state (vapor) into a solid state on a substrate.

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