Multilayer Coatings for Large Substrates up to 680 mm in dia.

The scia Multi 680 is designed for periodic multilayer coatings on curved substrates. With its superior process performance over multiple 100 multilayer periods the deposition of high precision homogeneous or gradient films is possible. The automatic sample loading with a separate load lock ensures very short loading times and a high throughput.

Features & Benefits

  • Homogeneous or gradient films on curved substrates by synchronized orbital and spin rotation
  • Up to 7 magnetrons, each with separate housing for individual gas supply and defined particle emission profile
  • Optional pretreatment with additional ion beam source
  • Carrier based handling system with load lock and two independent substrate positions
  • Substrate face-down orientation for minimized particle load


  • Gradient multilayer coatings of mirrors for soft X-ray and anti-reflective coatings
  • Multilayer stacks for X-ray mirrors for beam line and analytic applications
  • Multilayer coating for UV and VIS optics


  • Circular substrate movement across magnetrons, each orbital rotation completes one period of the stack
  • Compensation of individual emission profiles of the magnetrons by precalculating the orbital rotation profiles


Magnetron Sputtering utilizes plasma ion bombardment on a target to deposit thin films on the substrate surface.

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