Advanced Wafer Coatings

The scia Magna 200 is used for precision wafer coatings by deposition of metals and/or dielectric layers. With its selectable sputter modes and arrangements the system can be configured according the customer requirements. In addition, the system is suitable for small scale R&D applications as well as for mass production, in cluster layout with software controlled automatic production.

Features & Benefits

  • RF bias for conformity and stress control
  • Superior uniformity with rotatable substrate holder
  • Low substrate temperature with helium cooling contact and electrostatic chuck
  • High deposition rates with reactive sputtering in unipolar and bipolar mode
  • Variation of film properties by adjustable energetic substrate bombardment
  • Co-sputtering with confocal arrangement of magnetrons


  • Temperature compensation films for TC-SAW devices (SiO2)
  • Piezoelectric films with excellent and defined crystal orientation (AlN)
  • Optical high- and low- refractive coatings (SiO2, TiO2, HfO2, ZrO2, Nb2O5 , Ta2O5)
  • Electrical insulating films (Si3N4, SiO2, Al2O3)
  • Co-sputtering of metals and alloys

Application Note


  • Magnetron Sputtering in several configurations:
    • Single magnetron with rotating magnetic field, magnetron dia. > substrate dia. (see video) or
    • Up to 4 magnetrons in confocal arrangement, magnetron dia. < substrate dia. (rotation required) or
    • DRM 400 from Fraunhofer FEP with two concentric targets, magnetron dia. > substrate dia.


Magnetron Sputtering utilizes plasma ion bombardment on a target to deposit thin films on the substrate surface.

Technical Data

Substrate size (up to)

200 mm dia.

Substrate holder

Water-cooled, helium backside cooling contact, rotation up to 20 rpm, optional RF bias, electrostatic clamping and wafer heating (up to 750 °C)

Sputter sources

Substrates ≤ 150 mm
250 mm magnetron with rotating magnetic field or up to 4 magnetrons (125 mm dia.) in confocal arrangement

Substrates up to 200 mm
300 mm magnetron with rotating magnetic field or Double Ring Magnetron (DRM 400) from Fraunhofer FEP

Sputter modes

Substrates ≤ 150 mm
DC in uni- or bipolar pulse mode (up to 10 kW) and/or RF (up to 3 kW, 13.56 MHz)

Substrates up to 200 mm
DC in uni- or bipolar pulse mode (up to 2 x 10 kW) and/or RF (up to 6 kW, 13.56 MHz)

Typical deposition rates

SiO2: 90 nm/min (single), 7 nm/min (confocal), 180 nm/min (DRM 400)

Uniformity variation

≤ 1.5 %* (single), ≤ 0.8 %* (confocal), ≤ 0.5 %* (DRM 400) *(σ/mean)

Base pressure

< 1 x 10-6 mbar

System dimensions (W x D x H)

2.70 m x 1.10 m x 1.60 m, for single chamber with cassette handling (without electrical rack and pumps)


Single chamber with single substrate load lock or cassette handling, Cluster system with up to 5 process chambers and cassette handling

Software interfaces


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