Full Surface Ion Beam Etching on 150 mm Substrates

The scia Mill 150 is designed for structuring of complex multilayers of various materials. With its fully reactive gas compatibility the system also enables reactive etching processes with enhanced selectivity and rate. Due to its space saving design the scia Mill 150 is ideal for small scale production and R&D applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Etching angle adjustment with tiltable and rotatable substrate holder
  • Excellent uniformity without shaper
  • Enhanced selectivity and rate with reactive gases
  • Process control with exact SIMS based or optical end point detection
  • Carrier concept for adaptation to variable substrate sizes
  • Processing of wafers with photoresist masks due to good wafer cooling


  • Structuring of magnetic memory (MRAM) and sensors (GMR, TMR)
  • Milling of metals in MEMS production (Au, Ru, Ta, …)
  • Milling of multilayers of different metal and dielectric materials
  • Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching (CAIBE) of compound semiconductors (GaAs, GaN, InP, …)
  • Production of 3-dimensional optoelectronic microstructures
  • Ion beam smoothing for reduction of microroughness
  • Reactive Ion Beam Etching (RIBE) for pattern transfer for optical gratings (SiO2)

Application Notes


  • Circular ion beam source etches full substrate area under a defined angle with inert or reactive gases


Ion Beam Etching (IBE) / Ion Beam Milling (IBM)
uses a collimated beam of inert gas ions for structuring or material removal.

Reactive Ion Beam Etching (RIBE)
introduces reactive gas into the ion beam source for reactive etching of the surface.

Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching (CAIBE)
uses reactive gas independent of the ion beam for reactive etching of the surface.

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