One system for all your processes

Whether you want multiple chambers dedicated to one process or want to combine our wide process know how – we have the ideal cluster-layout for you!

You have the choice

Different process technologies

  • Sequential process steps on one wafer without vacuum break
  • Achieve higher quality and optimal process flow (no waiting times or logistic restrictions at different process stations)
  • High flexibility for process development and R&D

Multiple identical process chambers

  • Combining several identical process chambers for high throughput
  • Uniform loading for multiple chambers
  • Less floor space than single units


  • High Flexibility
    Production and process development with numerous possible combinations of process modules including multiple chambers in same configuration.
  • Cost & Footprint Reduction
    One combined platform instead of multiple individual systems increases efficiency.
  • Optimum Interfaces & Low Contamination
    Uniform handling across all process stations under high vacuum.
  • Best Usability
    Cluster software control allows uniform recipe management across all process modules.
  • Increased Throughput
    Running a continuous process chain without interruption of process or with multiple identical chambers.

Ion Beam Trimming

(Reactive) Ion Beam Etching

(Dual) Ion Beam Deposition

Electron Beam Evaporation

scia Cluster 200

Atomic Layer Deposition

Plasma Enhanced CVD

Magnetron Sputtering

Reactive Ion Etching

Any questions left?

Our team will be happy to help you find the optimal technology and system configurations for your manufacturing needs. Please contact us for more information:

Other Tailor Made Solution

scia Inline 400

for shaping and coating of high-quality razor blade tips

Customized Systems

for your needs, in different configurations

Product Overview

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