High-Quality Cleaning and Qualification up to 3 m in dia. and 3.4 m in length

The scia Clean 1000/1500/3000 systems are used for dry-cleaning of 3-dimensional shaped substrates with weights up to 14 tons. The chamber design and functionality ensures a very good base pressure and allows to quantify even small residual contaminations on the substrate by mass spectroscopy measurement.

Features & Benefits

  • Low base pressure and fast pumping due to electropolished and heated vacuum chamber
  • Separate substrate heating for improved desorption
  • Qualification of residual contamination by high-sensitive mass spectroscopy
  • Selectable quantity of plasma sources for advanced cleaning with H2 plasma
  • Recipes for repeatable temperature ramps and fully automated cleaning cycles
  • Transfer system for loading of heavy substrates


  • Ultra-high purity cleaning of X-ray optics
  • Cleaning of components for beam line accelerators
  • Outgassing qualification of complex vacuum assemblies


  • Removing of contaminations from 3-dimensional shaped substrates by using ultra-high vacuum (vacuum desorption)
  • Further cleaning progress with optional heating of substrate and/or chamber (thermal desorption) and applying plasma treatment


Dry-Cleaning allows the removal of substrate surface contaminations in vacuum with different methods. These methods can be applied successively to optimize the cleaning results.

Detailled Information

scia Clean 1000
scia Clean 1500
scia Clean 3000

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