Video presentation: Ion beam technology for thin piezoelectric films

Piezoelectric films are used in a wide range of applications, such as transducers for example in microphones, motors and resonators. The coated resonators are mainly used as frequency filters in modern mobile communications and require an excellent quality of piezoelectric coating.  In his presentation, Karl Gündel, Technical Sales Manager at scia Systems, will talk about the advantages of ion beam technology in the production of these piezoelectric layers.

At first, he will show you the technology of ion beam milling for structuring of piezoelectric materials. IBM means, that the substrate will get a physical bombardment with ions. This ion beam can thereby etch through the complete layer stack of different materials without needing to change the process setup.

The next technology is ion beam trimming, which provides a homogeneous layer thickness on the wafer. Karl Gündel will show an application example, where the standard deviation changed with an improvement factor of almost 13.

The third technology for the production of piezoelectric layers is ion beam sputtering, which produces very dense, defect-free deposited films.

For all technologies, Karl Gündel will present the suitable equipment and it’s features and benefits.

Here you can see the presentation:

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Learn more about ion beam etching, ion beam trimming and ion beam sputter deposition in our technology overview.



In our Application Note, we show you the results for ion beam trimming for bulk acoustic wave (BAW) devices.



Our equipment for the production of piezoelectric films: The scia Mill 200, the scia Trim 200 and the scia Coat 200 are used for wafers up to 200 mm.


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