Expertise in optics manufacturing based on advanced ion beam and plasma technologies


  • Multilayer Coatings for EUVL applications
  • High- and anti-reflective layers for mirrors and optical filters
  • Gradient multilayer coatings of mirrors for EUV, soft X-ray and anti-reflective coatings
  • Layers with property gradients (Göbel mirrors) or refractive index gradient



  • Nano-Structuring and of gratings and other structures in optical materials 
  • Production of 3-dimensional optoelectronic microstructures
  • Final surface form error correction for telescope mirrors, X-ray optics, lenses and conventional optics
  • Ion beam smoothing for reduction of microroughness



  • Ultra-high purity cleaning for X-ray optics
  • Removal of slightest contaminations for EUVL-components

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