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scia Systems is member in the network of competence Inplas

scia Systems is now member of the Network of Competence Industrial Plasma Surface Technology (Inplas).  The common strategic objective of the network allows members to share and build their knowledge through lectures, specialized discussions, and joint research projects. scia Systems is looking forward to a successful cooperation with Inplas.

Successful first Sales Training

Two weeks ago the worldwide Sales Partners of scia Systems met in Chemnitz to participate in our first Sales Training.

At the beginning we visited our partner VON ARDENNE in Dresden, who also held a Sales Meeting in this week. Afterwards our Sales Partner had deep insights in the product portfolio and the production area of scia Systems.

We like to thank all our partners for the lively participation and look forward to a successful cooperation in future.

Sales Training

One team for scia Systems

We would like to thank our runners for representing scia Systems at the Chemnitz company run 2014 last week. We hope they had much fun and will also participate next year.

Team scia Systems

scia Systems delivered two scia Trim 200

scia Systems delivered two Ion Beam Trimming systems for trimming of piezoelectric resonators in June 2014. These systems are necessary for cost-effective mass production.

The scia Trim 200 system defines the leading standard for film thickness and frequency trimming. Fields of application are in manufacturing of SAW / BAW devices, thin film heads (TFH) and MEMS components.

scia Systems is now ISO 9001 Certified

After four months of preparation, scia Systems is now certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. This certificate is valid for the development, production, testing, and commercializing of components, process systems, and vacuum process technology for coating, structuring, and surface modification in microelectronics, MEMS, optics, photovoltaic, and analytic products, and services.

We would like to thank our employees for their professional and expeditious implementation of the DIN standards.

DIAS Infrared ordered a scia Mill 150

DIAS Infrared from Dresden, a leader in the field of infrared technology, ordered an Ion Beam Etching System scia Mill 150. The System is designed for etching of lithium tantalate used for the production of technologically sophisticated infrared sensors.

The Ion Beam System scia Mill 150 will be installed at the production site in Dresden in June 2014. The systems stands out due to its robust design and flexibility. It provides a good etching uniformity with a high etch rate by using a microwave ion beam source MW218-e. Additionally, the sample temperature is controlled by using a helium backside cooling.

scia Systems is now part of VON ARDENNE

VON ARDENNE GmbH , a supplier of vacuum coating equipment based in Dresden, Germany, has made an investment in the company scia Systems GmbH. As the majority owner, VON ARDENNE will be a strong partner in supporting scia Systems on its road to success.

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