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Ion beam etching system for the new Chinese research institute Zhejiang Lab

In the process of China’s push to advance its high-tech industry and the launch of the “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang University and e-commerce giant Alibaba jointly established a new institute in fall 2017.

Zhejiang Lab was built in the West Hangzhou Scientific Innovation Corridor which is expected to become an international sci-tech innovation center by 2035 and which will be focused on strategic science and technology development. Zhejiang Lab itself is dedicated to the fields of intelligent perception, artificial intelligence (AI), smart computing, intelligent networks and intelligent systems. Moreover, it researches key technologies and builds large-scale technological infrastructures to drive the development of a smart society in the future.

We are happy to announce that we will support Zhejiang Lab by supplying our ion beam etching system scia Mill 150. The system will perform high uniform ion beam etching and reactive ion beam etching on variable substrate sizes up to 150 mm. For faster processing it is equipped with a single substrate load lock. Due to its space saving design and optional through-the-wall-installation the scia Mill 150 is the ideal choice for cutting-edge and fundamental research and for R&D applications.

We thank Zhejiang Laboratory for its trust and wish them every success in building a world-leading center for innovation in the field of smart science and technology.