Kyocera Tikitin adds Ion Beam Milling System for MEMS Device Etching to VTT Finland’s clean room

Helsinki, Finland – Smart devices and wearables that are much smarter, smaller, more durable and more precise - that's the mission Kyocera Tikitin is dedicated to. Along the way, they are studying, developing, and fabricating MEMS resonators made of silicon, deviating from the traditional use of quartz.

To expand their research capabilities, they added a new system into the cleanroom they use at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, one of Europe’s leading research institutions. The scia Mill 200, an advanced ion beam milling system, offers highly uniform wafer etching up to 200 mm, making it ideal for Kyocera’s needs. Its innovative design includes a tiltable and rotatable substrate holder, enabling effective cooling and heating for the substrates. This ensures optimal conditions for the structuring of complex multilayers of metallic and dielectric materials - an application commonly seen in the production of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

To further optimize the etching process, the scia Mill 200 features an optical end point detection system, which allows the identification of etched species and the application of defined etch stops, resulting in precise and controlled etching depths.

With the acquisition of the scia Mill 200, Kyocera Tikitin solidifies its position as global leader in MEMS resonator research and development. Additionally, this strengthens VTT's standing as a leading research institution in the field of MEMS technology.


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