scia Mill 200 starts its Journey to Chinese Cutting-Edge Technology

scia Systems is happy to announce the purchase of our ion beam etching system scia Mill 200 by another top C9 university of China: the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It was founded in Shanghai in 1896 and has a long history in engineering and managerial sciences. With around 40,000 students the university offers opportunities in nine major disciplines: economics, law, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and arts.

scia System will support the university in its goal of becoming a “comprehensive, innovative and international” world-class university by supplying an ion beam etching tool with highest flexibility. The scia Mill 200 will be used for uniform reactive (RIBE) and chemically-assisted ion beam etching (CAIBE) to structure various materials on substrates up to 200 mm.  An optical endpoint detection system completes the system and ensures the recognition of etched species and the application of defined etch stops. Additionally, the tool will be configured to enable uniform etching of slanted surface relief gratings – a key technology to enter the field of augmented reality (AR).

The system will now be built in Chemnitz and will start its journey to China in approx. 1 year.

We would like to thank STJU for the good cooperation in this project and wish them great success in their innovative work.