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scia Systems is now part of VON ARDENNE

VON ARDENNE GmbH , a supplier of vacuum coating equipment based in Dresden, Germany, has made an investment in the company scia Systems GmbH. As the majority owner, VON ARDENNE will be a strong partner in supporting scia Systems on its road to success.

scia Systems has unique experience in the field of ion beam and plasma technologies and is based in Chemnitz, Germany. Successful installations of complex solutions for customers in the areas of microelectronics and optical fabrication, and an experienced team of engineers and scientists ensure a promising future.

The product portfolio and know-how of scia Systems and the competence and strong market position of VON ARDENNE will complement each other. With its products and services, scia Systems will establish itself as a leading brand on international markets.

VON ARDENNE is pleased to be a crucial part of this development.

scia Systems GmbH

scia Systems was launched in 2013 to continue a long and successful tradition in the production of specialized equipment for thin film deposition and etching technologies.

In particular, scia Systems has unique expertise in manufacturing complex vacuum systems for the production of RF devices and read-write heads for hard disks. The engineers of scia Systems have developed special ion beam methods used by the world's leading manufacturers of these devices. In the manufacturing of precision optical components, the team of scia Systems implemented new solutions for the coating of optics for extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) and polishing error correction for optical components using ion beams.

In ion beam technology, scia Systems addresses the entire spectrum from reactive ion beam etching to ion beam sputter deposition to local dimensional trimming with focused ion beams. The methods use application-specific ion beam sources and can be us ed on all common substrate sizes. Especially the systems of the product series scia Trim set the global standard in local film thickness correction on wafers for MEMS manufacturing. scia Systems also supplies equipment and technology to the optical fabrication industry for ultra-precision manufacturing.

Particularly noteworthy are systems for the multi-layer coating of X-ray mirrors and laser optics in the visible spectral range. These applications are supplemented by systems for polishing error correction of optical components using ion beams.

Finally, modular and flexible systems are manufactured according to customer requirements both for applications in industrial manufacturing as well as in research and development. Such systems benefit from the synergies of the process technology made available by the VON ARDENNE group combining them in well-engineered system configurations.