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Our commitment 2023: scia Systems supports local nonprofits with a total of 5000 Euro

Supporting social and charitable projects is an important aspect of our corporate philosophy. As a globally active company, we know how important it is to maintain local ties and support the region where we work. That way we can help make Chemnitz and the surrounding area an attractive home for families, students and professionals. We are therefore proud to support small and large associations with a total of 5,000 euros.

Our employees have an active role in this process, as they are the only ones who can suggest organizations and projects that are worthy of support. Afterwards, a jury of colleagues decides which projects will be funded. For us, this kind of support is not just a way of showcasing our company, but an investment in the local quality of life.

The jury once again had a hard time deciding between the various projects this year. However, since the total amount was more than doubled compared to last year, the number of supported associations could also be increased.


500 € each will receive:

  • ESV Lokomotive Chemnitz e. V., dept. Football for purchasing new jerseys for the D2 Juniors
  • SSV Chemnitz e. V., dept. Basketball for procuring warm-up T-shirts for the youth and men's teams
  • Perspektiven für Familien e. V. (Perspectives for Families) for fixing and reopening the ropeway on the playground
  • AMC-Sachsenring e. V. for new equipment (overalls, helmets, etc.) at the Pocket Bike School
  • HC Glauchau/Meerane e. V. for a handball pass back rebounder net or gym bags for youth work
  • Schwimmsport- und Tauchsportverein Limbach-Oberfrohna e. V. (Swimming and diving club) for the support of the triathlete Alex Kunze at national and international competitions


1000 € each will receive:

  • Klaffenbacher Kinder e. V. for the replacement of playground equipment in the kindergarten which was destroyed by a flood.
  • Elternverein krebskranker Kinder e. V. (Parents' Association of Children with Cancer) to support the Children's Hospice Service of Western Saxony in a climbing project for siblings


Meanwhile, the sponsored clubs from last year have realized their projects. 500 euros each went to:

  • Sewing circle "Kreatives Nähen" at the Volkssolidarität Chemnitz for the purchase of sewing machines, fabrics and haberdashery
  • Elterninitiative Naturkinderhaus e. V. of the AWO Naturkinderhaus "Spatzennest" for the construction of planting and food beds
  • The swimming department of the Chemnitzer Polizeisportverein e. V. (Chemnitz Police Sports Club) for the purchase of swimming boards, swimming caps and T-shirts
  • The department Ninjutsu of the Kampfkunstzentrum Zwickau e. V. for the purchase of training suits


At the end of this year, all colleagues can submit their projects again for a chance to receive funding in 2024.