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scia Systems is one of the partners in the joint project for 3-nanometer microelectronics research "PIn3S"

Many cutting-edge applications, for example autonomous driving and machine learning, require such high computing power that the limits of today's technology are being reached. In order to strengthen the further development of microelectronics in Europe and especially in Germany, the European Commission is funding research projects and pilot lines in the ECSEL initiative, such as the pilot project PIn3S (Pilot Integration of 3 nm Semiconductor Technology).

The PIn3S project focuses on the development of process and equipment technology for the production of adaptive optics, which are required for semiconductor technology with conduction path distances of only 3 nanometers.

The planned launch of a pilot production line for 3 nanometer semiconductor technology will have a significant impact on various industries, including communications, security, mobility, energy and healthcare.

The main research activities are directed at piezoelectric thin films such as AlN and ScAlN - although other materials and combinations of materials could also be relevant. The aim of the project is to coat a functional model that confirms the reliability of the developed concept and prepares the way for smaller 3 nm semiconductor structures.


We are proud to contribute our know-how and experience in ion beam and plasma technology to this project for the production of 3 nanometer transistors.