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Successful development in research project HiPERFORM

In the ECSEL project HiPERFORM (High performant Wide Band Gap Power Electronics for reliable, energy efficient drivetrains and Optimization through multi-physics simulation), scia Systems has taken a major step forward: A special substrate holder was developed that creates the necessary conditions for epitaxial aluminum nitride (epi-AlN) growth on silicon (111).

Specifically, the substrate stage can be used with automated handling robot and allows to electrically bias and heat the substrate up to 900 °C. With this substrate temperature, the partner Fraunhofer FEP successfully achieved the deposition of epi-AlN. The epi-AlN on Si(111) will be used as a template for Gallium Nitride (GaN) growth.

GaN-based switch technologies will eventually be used in automotive manufacturing. Since they have up to 30% less energy losses compared to existing architectures, they can be used to produce more affordable and efficient electric and hybrid vehicles. In this way, the participants in the HiPERFORM project are making a major contribution to the European goal of improving air quality on the one hand and reducing global warming on the other.

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