scia Multi 680 - Periodical multilayer coating for precision optics

by Magnetron Sputtering

scia Multi 680

The scia Multi 680 is designed for periodic multilayer coatings for substrates up to 650 mm dia. and 50 kg. Typical applications are gradient multilayer coatings of mirrors for soft X‑ray and anti-reflective coatings in UV and X‑ray applications.

The scia Multi 680 uses 6 radially arranged sputter magnetrons, each mounted in a separate housing for individual gas supply and a defined particle emission profile. The substrate is moved across the magnetrons in a circular path in face‑down orientation by a two-phase coupled rotary drive. Each orbital rotation completes one period of the multilayer stack. Precalculating the profiles of the orbital rotation enables compensation of the individual emission profiles of the magnetrons and deposition of required gradient films along the spin rotation axis.

Technical Data

Substrate diameter

Up to 650 mm; weight up to 50 kg

Sputter source

Up to 6 rectangular 24” sputter magnetrons

Sputter modes

DC, RF, DC pulsed

Typical deposition rates

Cr: 45 nm/min; Si: 22 nm/min; Ti: 22 nm/min

Uniformity variation

< 0.1 % over 300 mm diameter;
< 0.5 % over 450 mm diameter

Base pressure

< 1 x 10-8 mbar

System dimensions (W x D x H)

7.90 m x 4.40 m x 3.50 m (without electrical rack and pumps)

Tool configuration

1 load-lock with 1 coating chamber

Software interface



  • Carrier based handling system with load-lock and two independent substrate positions
  • Substrate face-down orientation for minimized particle load
  • High precision homogeneous or gradient films on curved substrates by combined velocity modulated orbital and spin rotation
  • Arbitrary order of magnetrons for periodical multilayer and/or adhesion or top coat
  • Adjustable sputter distance between target and substrate


  • Multilayer stacks for

    • Soft X-ray mirrors
    • X-ray mirrors for beam line and analytic applications

  • Multilayer coating for transmission UV-optics

Multilayer Magnetron Sputtering

Principle of Multilayer Deposition with Magnetron Sputtering by scia Multi 680

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