Large Area Multilayer Deposition

The scia Coat 500 is used for homogeneous coating of large substrates for precision optics. Recipe controlled deposition processes allow a repeatable quality of multilayer stacks. Thereby a changeable shaper system (up to 4 shapers) compensates parameter and/or material dependent inhomogeneity effects and enables the deposition of defined gradient films.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent uniformity by superposition of substrate rotation and linear movement
  • Up to 6 water cooled target materials on a rotational holder for in-situ change
  • Recipe controlled multilayer deposition with quartz crystal oscillator and/or optical thickness monitor (OTM)
  • Controlled movement of linear axis system for gradient coating or surface error correction
  • Optional substrate heating up to 250 °C to optimize film stress


  • Multilayer films for optical filters, X-ray mirrors and synchrotron mirrors
  • Optical coatings for high- and anti-reflective and dielectric layers
  • Deposition of films with property gradients (Göbel mirrors)
  • Ion beam smoothing
  • One-dimensional ion beam figuring


Technical Data

Substrate size (up to)

500 mm x 300 mm

Substrate holder

Linear movement from 0.1 mm/min up to 15 mm/s, rotation up to 300 rpm (max. 300 mm dia.)

Ion beam sources

Two 380 mm linear microwave ECR-sources (LIN380-e)


Filament driven plasma bridge neutralizer (N-DC)

Target holder

Target drum with up to 6 tiltable and water cooled targets (each max. 400 mm x 200 mm)

Typical deposition rate

Si: 10 nm/min

Uniformity variation

≤ 0.5 % over 200 mm dia. (σ/mean)
≤ 2.0 % over 500 mm x 300 mm (σ/mean)

Base pressure

< 5 x 10-8 mbar

System dimension (W x D x H)

3.30 m x 1.70 m x 2.00 m (without electrical rack and pumps)


Single chamber, optional single substrate load-lock for substrates up to 200 mm dia.

Software interfaces



Other Ion Beam Sputtering Systems

scia Coat 200

for high quality multilayer
deposition on up to 200 mm