scia Coat 200 - Homogeneous multilayer coating on wafers

by Dual Ion Beam Deposition (DIBD)

scia Coat 200
scia Coat 200
scia Coat 200 with handling robot
scia Coat 200 with handling robot

The scia Coat 200 is designed for homogeneous coating of 200 mm substrates, such as wafers. Typical applications of the system are multilayer films for magnetic sensors or optical coatings.

The scia Coat 200 applies a beam from a focused broad beam ion source onto a sputter target. The beam of the assist ion source is directed to the substrate. By ion bombardment it is possible to control film characteristics or pre-clean the substrate.

If the system is equipped with a RF350‑e ion beam source as assist source, ion beam milling processes are also available on the same tool.

Technical Data

Substrate diameter

Up to 200 mm diameter; Carrier handling for multiple substrate sizes available

Substrate holderWater cooled, Helium backside cooling contact; Substrate rotation 5 to 20 rpm; Tiltable in‑situ from 0° to 170° in 0.1° steps

Ion beam sources

Sputter source: RF120‑e
Assist source: RF120‑e or RF350‑e


Plasma bridge neutralizer:
Filament driven N‑DC or RF driven N‑RF

Target holder

Target drum with 4 targets (tiltable),
each with max. 300 mm dia.

Typical deposition rates

Al: 10 nm/min; Al2O3: 15 nm/min

Uniformity variation

≤ 1.5 %

Base pressure

≤ 5 x 10-7 mbar

System dimensions (W x D x H)

2.70 m x 1.70 m x 2.40 m
(without electrical rack and pumps)

Tool configuration

Single wafer load-lock; Cluster system with cassette handling

Software interfaces

SECS II / GEM, OPC on request


  • Vertical or face-down substrate orientation for minimized particle load
  • Circular sputter and assist ion beam sources
  • Primary focused broad beam ion source sputters material from a target
  • Secondary assist ion beam source
    irradiates full substrate area
  • Up to 4 water cooled target materials
    on a rotational holder
  • Substrate rotation and/or defined rotational angle alignment
  • Incidence angle adjusted
    by substrate stage tilt


  • Magneto-electric multilayer films
    (GMR, TMR)
  • Optical multilayers
  • Dielectric and metal layers
  • Sample pre-processing (Cleaning)

Principle Dual Ion Beam Deposition

Principle of Ion Beam Deposition by scia Coat 200

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