Polishing Error Correction for Lenses and Mirrors

The scia Finish 1500 is used for surface form error correction of high-precision optical elements. The system is suitable for high volume production with 24/7 operation due to fast pumping times and high removal rates of the ion beam source.

Features & Benefits

  • Long term stable process for repeatable quality of optical components
  • Excellent precision on large areas
  • High removal rates for high throughput
  • Easy loading of large substrates due to sliding doors
  • Designed for high volume production with short pumping down times


  • Final surface form error correction of lenses and mirrors
    • Telescope mirrors (Zerodur®, SiC, LTEM)
    • Conventional optics (quartz and other glasses)
    • Ion beam figuring of X-ray optics (Si)

Application Note


  • Focused broad ion beam scans across substrate surface in vertical setup for low contamination
  • Dwell time control to remove different amounts of material


Ion Beam Figuring (IBF) is a polishing error correction by a scanning ion beam and dwell time control.

Technical Data

Substrate size (up to)

1500 mm dia., 400 kg

Axis performance

Max. velocity 0.15 m/s, max. acceleration 15 m/s²

Ion beam source

37 mm circular RF source (RF37-i) with 7 ... 15 mm (FWHM) or
120 mm circular RF source (RF120-i) with 16 ... 36 mm (FWHM),
optional second ion beam source


RF plasma bridge neutralizer (N-RF)

Typical removal rate

SiO2: 14 mm3/h (RF37-i), 96 mm3/h (RF120-i)

Thickness variation
after IBF

< 0.5 nm RMS (dependent on input quality)

Base pressure

< 1 x 10-6 mbar

System dimensions
(W x D x H)

3.60 m x 7.70 m x 3.40 m
(without electrical rack and pumps)


Single chamber with sliding doors, manual loading with transport cart, 3- or 4-axis control system for
ion beam motion

Software interfaces



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