High-Quality Cleaning and Qualification up to 800 mm in dia. and 500 mm in height

The scia Clean 800 is used for dry cleaning of 3-dimensional shaped substrates with weights up to 500 kg. The chamber design and functionality ensures a very good base pressure and allows to quantify even small residual contaminations on the substrate by mass spectroscopy measurement.

Features & Benefits

  • Low base pressure and fast pumping due to electropolished and heated vacuum chamber
  • Separate substrate heating for improved desorption
  • Qualification of residual contamination by high-sensitive mass spectroscopy
  • Optional plasma source for advanced cleaning with H2 plasma
  • Recipes for repeatable temperature ramps and fully automated cleaning cycles
  • Crane for loading of large and heavy substrates


  • Ultra-high purity cleaning of X-ray optics
  • Cleaning of components for beam line accelerators
  • Outgassing qualification of complex vacuum assemblies


  • Dry Cleaning
    • Removing of contaminations from the 3-dimensional shaped substrates by using ultra-high vacuum
      (vacuum desorption)
    • Further cleaning progress with optional heating of the substrate and/or chamber (thermal desorption) and applying plasma treatment

Technical Data

Substrate size (up to)

800 mm dia., 500 mm height, 500 kg

Substrate heating

Radiation heaters (4.5 kW) up to 250 °C

Chamber heating and cooling

Pressurized water based heating up to 150 °C and cooling (8 kW)

Plasma sources

Optional ICP plasma source (PI400), max. 2.5 kW

Base pressure

< 5 x 10-9 mbar

Quality control

Mass spectrometer for quantitative outgassing measurement

System dimension (W x D x H)

1.30 m x 2.50 m x 1.40 m (without electrical rack and pumps)


Single chamber with top lid, optional crane for loading of heavy substrates

Software interfaces


More Dry Cleaning Systems

scia Clean 1000/1500/3000

for high-quality cleaning and qualification
up to 3 m dia. and 3.4 m length