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scia Mill 150 for the University of Leeds

The School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds has awarded scia Systems the contract for a new ion beam etching system. We are looking forward to delivering a scia Mill 150 to the university. This tool provides the flexibility needed to meet the diversified requirements of a multi-disciplinary research environment. For instance: etching of magnetic nano-systems and GMR layer stacks, reactive etching of III-V semiconductors for photonic applications and quartz nanoimprint stamps. With its single substrate load-lock and the carrier based handling, the scia Mill 150 can load substrates up to 150 mm as well as multiple smaller samples. Due to its reactive gas compatibility, the tool enables processes using fluorine and chlorine containing chemistries. Furthermore, the system offers several upgrade options, for example a secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS) for endpoint detection.

One research area of the University of Leeds is artificial spin ice, which are geometrically frustrated magnetic systems. Amongst others the scia Mill 150 can be used for structuring of the ferromagnetic material (FM), for instance by etching small islands out of the FM film.

Example images of artificial spin ice in Kagome arrangement