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scia Systems supplies another scia Trim 200 to Wuhan

Back in 2019, we received an order from Wuhan Yanxi Micro Components Co. Ltd, a leading Chinese high-tech company, to supply an ion beam trimming system. In 2022, the cooperation has continued, as Wuhan Yanxi ordered another scia Trim 200. The shipment of this latest equipment to China is scheduled for next October.

Wuhan Yanxi is a pioneer in the fields of design, R&D and production of RF components and other micro-electrical components. The company established one of the first complete production lines for 200 mm BAW filters in China which includes equipment for lithography, deposition, etching and packaging.

RF filters play a central role in advanced mobile communications, particularly in the context of modern standards like 5G. The transition to the 5G standard creates several technical challenges for the manufacturer of frequency filters. With the usage of higher frequency ranges and bands that are more densely spaced, the risk of interference increases. The development of extremely selective filters that efficiently process these higher frequencies becomes crucial.

With the scia Trim 200, these increasingly demanding requirements for filter production can be realized by etching individual layers of the filters with atomic layer precision. A focused ion beam is moved in meandering paths over the filters and removes individual molecules from the surface. The amount of removal is controlled by the duration of processing, similar to the principle of sandblasting. The longer the ion beam stays at one spot, the more material is removed. This allows precise adjustment of the filter functions and leads to a significant increase in component yield.

The scia Trim 200 is supplied in a double chamber configuration to double the throughput and significantly increase efficiency. A Brooks MX700 system with 2 load locks emphasizes its character as a high-throughput production system. We would like to thank Wuhan Yanxi Micro Components Co. Ltd. for their renewed trust and wish them every success in their future work. Special thanks also goes to our sales partner WESI for their valuable support.