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scia Systems contributes to the research of piezoelectric materials and devices

Piezoelectric MEMS, also known as microelectromechanical systems, are tiny devices with dimensions in the micrometer range. They can generate electrical signals through mechanical movements and vice versa generate mechanical movements through electrical voltage. In the new "Christian Doppler Laboratory" opened at TU Wien on July 13, 2023, research is now focused on the fundamental issues of piezoelectric materials and devices to enable future applications such as autonomous driving, real-time monitoring of particle loads, and ultrasonic sensors.

We are proud to support the new laboratory with a scia Coat 200 as an industrial partner. This ion beam sputtering system can be used to produce extremely precise, smooth, and uniform coatings on substrates, including advanced materials such as aluminum nitride and scandium aluminum nitride.

At the lab, scientists aim to address two challenges: Investigating noise in piezoelectric silicon MEMS and finding ways to effectively reduce it. Furthermore, they want to improve the extremely low mechanical motions that can be generated with piezoelectric MEMS. For this purpose, they plan to build bistable systems, namely systems that can be in two different stable states - like a toggle switch. Piezoelectric transducers will now be used to switch the systems from one state to the other to achieve greater mechanical effects.

scia Systems is proud to support the research in the new Christian Doppler Laboratory and to contribute to the further development of piezoelectric devices by providing the "scia Coat 200" system. The close cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology and Infineon Technologies AG also strengthens the European location and enables innovative developments.


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