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scia Opto 300: high precision coatings on optics up to 300 mm dia.

For the production of precision optics, the requirements for exact layer thickness, homogeneity, refractive index and the resulting laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) of the coatings are often so high, that they can only be achieved by ion beam sputtering. Our latest system, the scia Opto 300, was developed to provide high-quality coatings with superior layer properties on 300 mm substrates, thus taking optics manufacturing to a new level.

With up to 6 targets, the scia Opto 300 is the ideal choice for flexible deposition of multilayers, mixed-index layers and even gradient layers. Therefore, the tool is e.g. highly suitable for the production of rugate filters with refractive index gradients. The load lock with two loading positions allows continuous processing without breaking the vacuum and the in-situ optical monitoring with integrated test glass changer ensures highest precision and repeatability. The excellent uniformity of the coatings can be achieved without using a shaper, which drastically reduces the risk of particles.

In addition to optical coatings, the scia Opto 300 is also applicable for high-quality coatings in other applications, like metal contacts, seed layers, barrier layers and coatings on temperature-sensitive substrates up to 300 mm coating area.


More information about features and the technical data can be found here: Product Information 

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