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Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory vervollständigt sein Inventar mit Ionenstrahlätz- und Ionenstrahltrimm-Equipment

Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory (SLAB, is one of the first Guangdong provincial laboratories. Founded in 2018, SLAB is expected to become an internationally recognized place for new materials research and development and a new window of interdisciplinary cooperation. We are proud to announce that scia Systems will support this vision by delivering a scia Mill 200 and a scia Trim 200.

By reactive ion beam etching of wafer-level materials the scia Mill 200 will assist in structuring of a majority of different materials. The possibility to flexibly change a variety of process parameters in-situ will make the scia Mill 200 available for different kind of applications and customers.

The scia Trim 200 will be used for surface error correction of different kind of materials from 2 inch (50 mm) to 8 inch (200 mm) wafer-level size by inert argon trimming in order to achieve highest uniformities for layer thicknesses. Both systems will be equipped with a loading unit which will help improve throughput and provide stable process conditions for highest repeatability requirements.

We would like to thank SLAB for the trust placed in us and wish them great success in the further development of Chinese materials research. We also thank our partner WESi Technology Ltd. for their support in realizing this important project.