Ion beam technology from scia Systems pushes the development of China's semiconductor industry

Founded in 2022, the Chinese company TJ Innovative Semiconductor Substrate Technology Co., Ltd. (ISST) has entered the market as a supplier of heterogeneous integration technologies for the semiconductor industry. ISST’s goal here is to accelerate the development of China’s semiconductor industry. For its new expansion plans and its new production lines ISST has now purchased a scia Trim 200. With this system, the surface of the substrate material can be processed ultra-precisely by ion beam trimming, so that layer thickness uniformities down to the atomic level of 0.1 nm can be achieved. This significantly increases the yield of usable components, which has a positive effect on production costs.  The scia Trim 200 system will be installed in Tianjin in China beginning of 2023. It will assist in strengthening the Chinese semiconductor industry and support the increasing demand from the international market.

We are thankful about this successful cooperation and want to thank WESi Technology for their great support in this project.