Expertise in Thin Film Technology

scia Systems provides precise surface processing equipment based on advanced ion beam and plasma technologies. The systems are applicable for coating, etching, and cleaning processes, especially for the MEMS, microelectronics, and precision optics industries. The process equipment is flexible and modular in design, thus can be easily configured for research applications and for high-volume production. It suits silicon wafer-based substrate sizes, smaller samples on carriers, and optical substrates with up to 3 m diameter.


Our systems are flexible and modular in design. This enables us to offer standard as well as individual solutions for our customers.


Our equipment is mainly used in the production of MEMS and precision optical components, but also in astronomy and biomedical technology.


Pushing the latest technologies with ambition and constantly evolving - that's what scia Systems is all about. 

New Application Note: Deposition of Nano Anti-Wear Coatings for Precision Micro Cutting Tools

The miniaturization of components is an unbroken trend in many industrial sectors, such as medical technology, automotive engineering, aerospace, tool and mold manufacturing as well as microelectronics. A major cost factor in the production of these components is the limited lifespan of the tools due to high wear. The utilization of dual ion beam sputtering for the deposition of nano wear resistant coatings has proven to be a pioneering solution for this. 

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Semicon Japan

2023-12-13 to 2023-12-15
Tokyo, Japan
Booth: 4749 (Floorplan)
Partner on site: Hightec Systems


2024-01-22 to 2024-01-25
Austin, USA
Booth: 13 (Floorplan)
Partner on site: AARD Technology


2024-01-30 to 2024-01-31
San Francisco, USA
Booth: 6306 (Floorplan)
Partner on site: AARD Technology


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